As a sculptor, I am inspired by the rich complexity of natural shapes. I am interested by the growth and transformation of natural elements as they evolve and change; I am also fascinated by the intrinsic geometry that seems to guide the development of every life form.

Starting with spirals, triangles, polygons and other shapes, from a microscopic point of view every living being develops from a simple geometric base that gradually becomes more complex.

Where do these primordial forms originate?

Why do seashells, hurricanes and galaxies develop with a structure that is essentially spiral?

And why is it that a snowflake can take off into an infinite variety of shapes, all the while maintaining its configuration of six branches?

In fact, every form of life seems to develop while fluctuating perpetually between order and randomness, pure geometry and chaos – and does so without entirely committing itself to either extreme.

I am inspired by these ideas while planning and creating my sculptures, employing them to get closer to the mystery of life’s origins and the amazing poetry of the forms it takes. My work is a way for me to be a part of the magnificent creative foly that is life and a means of honouring its diversity and beauty.

François Lauzier, sculpteur